Supreme Female Class

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Champion and Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer, Champion & Reserve Champion Progeny Heifer and Champion and Reserve Champion Two-Year Old with calf.
Sponsored by: Greenbush Angus

Bailey side.jpg
Bailer Udder.jpg
Bailey behind.jpg

Sveinna Bjarnarson
Years in 4-H: 7
Animal Name: Bailey
DOB: 2-23-2020
Club: Neepawa



madisyn yh 1.jpg
madisyn yh 3.jpg
madisyn yh 2.jpg

Madisyn Robertson
Years in 4-H: 6
Animal Name: Rose
DOB: 1-3-2020
Breed: Charolais • Dec 12/20 Wt. 1190 lbs.
Club: Neepawa



ashley yh1.jpg
ashley yh 3.jpg
ashley yh2.jpg

Ashley Dyke
Years in 4-H: 1
Animal Name: GG
DOB: 1-17-2020
Breed: Red Angus • Dec 12/20 Wt. 955 lbs.
Club: Neepawa     HOMEGROWN

rlp velma 3.jpg
RLP Velma 2.JPG

Rebecca-Lynn Pedersen
Years in 4-H: 10
Animal Name: Velma
DOB: 4-8-2020
Breed: Angus • Dec 12/20 Wt. 685 lbs.
Club: Neepawa     HOMEGROWN

madisyn ph 1.jpg
madisyn ph 2.jpg
madisyn ph 3.jpg

Madisyn Robertson
Years in 4-H: 6
Animal Name: Little Lu
DOB: 2-8-2020
Breed: Charolais
Club: Neepawa    

carson ph 1.jpg
carson ph 3.jpg
carson ph 2.jpg

Carson Baker
Years in 4-H: 8
Animal Name: Lady Pride
DOB: 3-9-2020
Breed: Angus
Club: Neepawa     HOMEGROWN

baker cow calf 1.jpg

Carson Baker
Years in 4-H: 8
Animal Names: ARY Daisy & Greenbush Donald
Cow DOB: 3-14-2019
Calf DOB: 4-13-2021
Club: Neepawa

baker cow calf 3.jpg
baker cow calf 2.jpg