Two-Year Old with calf

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Open to all breeds (entry must be in 4-H project as a yearling). Please note that the calf must be a calendar year calf. 
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baker cow calf 1.jpg

Carson Baker
Years in 4-H: 8
Animal Names: ARY Daisy & Greenbush Donald
Cow DOB: 3-14-2019
Calf DOB: 4-13-2021
Club: Neepawa

baker cow calf 3.jpg
baker cow calf 2.jpg


grace and missy.JPG

Chance Inglis
Years in 4-H: 3
Animal Name: Grace & Missy
Calf DOB: 4-5-2021
Cow DOB: 3-20-2019
Member Club: Rapid City


riley 2 1.jpeg
riley 3 2.jpeg
riley 2 2.jpeg

Rylee Paterson
Years in 4-H: 9
Animal Names: Lady & Nessa
Cow DOB: 4-12-2019
Calf DOB: 3-29-2021
Club: Erickson


ghillie and cupid.JPG

Sierra Inglis
Years in 4-H: 7
Animal Name: Ghillie &Cupid
Calf DOB: 2-14-2021
Cow DOB: 3-5-2019
Member Club: Rapid City


easton 1.jpeg
easton 2.jpeg
easton 3.jpeg

Easton Paterson
Years in 4-H: 6
Animal Names: Tippy & Helena
Cow DOB: 3-12-2019
Calf DOB: 3-13-2021
Club: Erickson