Progeny Steers

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Member Name: Cora Baker

Animal Name: Greenbush Bunny 12G

DOB: May 23, 2019

Breed: Black Angus

Dec 8/19 Wt: 625 lbs         

June 20/20 Wt:  1390 lbs

Gain:  765 lbs

Approx. Carcass Weight: 876 lbs

Cora Baker - Steer 2.jpg


2020 Champion Progeny Steer

2020 Reserve Champion Progeny Steer

Member Name: Josie Pedersen

Animal Name:  Small Fry

DOB: April 15, 2019

Breed: Angus

Dec 8/19 Wt: 605 lbs         

June 20/20 Wt:   1195 lbs

Gain:  590 lbs

Approx. Carcass Weight: 753 lbs

ENTRY  #17

Josie Pedersen - steer.jpg
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