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Did You Know?

A market steer that weighs 1300 lbs will have an average yield of 62%.
That means this steer will produce an 806 lb carcass. This carcass will produce 639 pounds of take home meat. From this 639 lbs carcass you will end up with the following:
Prices obtained from grocery store shelves in Neepawa /Brandon area


  • 396 pounds will be roasts and steaks @ average price $11.63 /lb = $4605.48

    • Round Roast $9.99 /lb

    • Sirloin Tip Roast $10.99 /lb

    • Blade Steak $8.99 /lb

    • Sirloin Steak $10.99 /lb

    • Round Steak $9.99 /lb

    • T-Bone Steak - $16.490 /lb

    • Rib Steak - $13.99/ lb

  • 243 pounds will be ground beef and stew meat @ average price of $6.99 /lb = $1698.57

    • Stew Meat – $8.99 /lb

    • Lean Ground Beef - $5.99 /lb

Total Price at the store to buy a market steer - $6304.05

Average price of a steer at a local 4-H sale - $2.25 /lb X 1300 lbs = $2925

Price to have animal butchered, cut & wrapped (est.) = $750

Total cost of local 4-H steer = $3675.00

For $2629.05 less than at the grocery store you can support a local 4-H member, a local butcher and know WHAT you are getting, WHERE and HOW your food is raised all while getting the cuts of meat you want for your family. There may also be tax benefits for you when you purchase! You do not need to be a business owner – gather a group of friends and buy together in a group. If you need assistance please contact a leader and we would happily assist you with any questions or arrange a bidder for you at the sale.