2020 Overall Supreme Champion Female

Member Name: Cora Baker

Animal Name:  Greenbush Georgina 13F     

Calf Name: Greenbush Georgie 2H 

DOB: March 15, 2018       

Calf DOB: March 7, 2020

Breed: Black Angus   

Calf Breed: Black Angus


2020 Reserve Champion Female


Member Name: Morgan Dyke
Animal Name: Mia
DOB:  February 22, 2019
Breed: Red Angus
Dec 8/19 Wt: 855  lbs         


Member Name: Madisyn Robertson

Animal Name: Big Mac

DOB: February 15, 2019

Breed: Charolais X Simmental

Dec 8/19 Wt: 1000 lbs         

June 20/20 Wt:   1525 lbs

Gain:  525 lbs       

Approx. Carcass Weight:  961 lbs



Madisyn Robertson - Steer profile.jpg


Member Name: Rebecca-Lynn Pedersen
Animal Name: Ranger

DOB: April 15, 2019

Breed: Simmental X Angus

Dec 8/19 Wt: 735 lbs         

June 20/20 Wt:  1525 lbs

Gain:  790 lbs

Approx. Carcass Weight:  961 lbs

Rebecca-Lynn Pedersen - Steer.jpg

Wow, what a day! Completely out of our comfort zone, we embarked on the first ever Neepawa & Area Fat Stock Sale online and on tv. We did have some technical difficulties which affected the sale of the first few animals. We sincerely apologize to those who wanted to bid on those lots but could not hear the Facebook feed, nor did we realize there was a 10 - 30 second delay. That being said, once we ironed out the kinks the sale turned out incredible.


We could not have done this without the support of the following:

Gladstone Auction Mart Ltd. - for covering our sale expenses


Tyler Slawinski - our fantastic auctioneer


Wilco van Meijl - amazing job as blockman and "host" today and Rapid City leader.


Bruce Rosling - arranging abattoir space and other behind the scenes grunt work along, getting buyer support with being on the phone today


Shelley Bjarnarson - balancing the ship, more behind the scenes grunt work, getting buyer support and being on the phone today


Tim Baker - working with potential buyers and being on the phone


Paul Robertson - working with potential buyers and being on the phone


Terry Woychyshyn - your invaluable expertise was greatly appreciated as well as being on the phone today


Mowat Livestock - Doug Mowat - your support to 4-H is invaluable as well


NACTV - Jeremy Vogt - Your patience with our last minute changes and the production of our sale exceeded our expectations and we cannot thank you enough.


NACTV - Ken Waddell - for being on hand today, your support was appreciated.


To the members of the Neepawa & Rapid City Clubs and their parents - thank you for trusting us as we took you on this "crazy" ride to try and do what we felt was best for the sale.


To everyone that registered to bid at the sale and to those that called in to bid and purchased. These members will be presenting all of the buyers with a small token of appreciation.


To everyone on social media who viewed our website and shared our posts and to anyone else I may have missed. We cannot thank you enough for your support. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Due to COVID-19 and all of the restrictions in place all 4-H events have been affected, including Achievement and sales.  The Neepawa & Area 4-H Beef Club has 15 enthusiastic members, both new and experienced, who have worked hard throughout the year (and even harder in the last few months). For these kids to not have a finale to their year would be another let down. Yes, we could cancel and that would be easy, but what is 4-H about? It is about learning to do by doing. Instead of giving up, we wanted to prove to these kids that we can deal with the adversity handed to us and make something good from it all. Its about learning, picking ourselves up and finding a new way to do things. Ever year our achievement day is attended by many grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours, friends and community members. They look forward to this as much as the kids. We hope that this website will enable those that usually participate the ability to still see the members present their animals. 


Understandably a virtual show is not the best decision for every club, but for the Neepawa & Area 4-H Beef Club, it felt right. Having viewed a few virtual shows that have occurred this spring, we decided to take it up a notch and include extra photos and a short video of each animal. We are fortunate enough to have Andrea Bertholet, Silver Lake Stock Farm, an accomplished livestock photographer and videographer come out to assist with the photos and videos. This day will be scheduled so that social distancing measures and Provincial and 4-H Manitoba regulations are adhered to. Andrea will also provide helpful tips and pointers on how to set up your animal to make it look most presentable. Thank you Andrea for agreeing to share your time and knowledge with our group. It is greatly appreciated!

We are very excited about our virtual show judges... this is not an easy way to judge as they physically cannot see or touch the animal. All three of our judges are successful cattle people all from different locations across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. 

Please feel free to look through the entries under the VIRTUAL SHOW link at the top of this page. Each conformation class is listed as a separate page with animal information and initials our members listed for privacy and safety. Once our judges have made their decisions the entries will be re-arranged in place order. Our judges will provide us a video with their comments that will be accessible from each page once decisions have been made. 

The Neepawa & Area 4-H Beef Club would like to sincerely thank the community and surrounding area for their support with our 2020 show and sale. Once restrictions are lifted the club has numerous plans to give back to the community that has given so much to the club. We would especially like to thank GLADSTONE AUCTION MART for sponsoring our online sale. 

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